Mission Statement

  • To provide children with everything they need to begin a solid foundation and a love for
    learning for Kindergarten and beyond.
  • To provide teachers with the necessary tools and resources they need so that they can enjoy teaching and spend less time compiling lesson plans.

  • To provide parents with the information they are seeking about how their child is doing developmentally.

Why Little Strivers Works

All of our educational materials have been previously tried, tested, and approved by teachers and children. Our thematic units are newly designed and upgraded every year to ensure that we are current with the latest research and trends in Early Childhood Education. We stand behind our commitment to help children develop new skills and foster a child's natural love of learning; hence the name "Little Strivers" came into existence. We call ourselves "Little Strivers", because when it comes down to it, every one of us wants to strive to be the best we can be. The Little Strivers Complete Preschool Program is committed to offering the very best educational program available, so that every young child who uses our program will have the opportunity to strive towards a brighter future --- one that is filled with passion, opportunity, and an abundance of skills.



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